Citypark Lahr, Germany

Virtual Tour of Citypark Lahr, Germany

Hello, today I will show you one of my first (if not my first) virtual walks. Digging through the archives and wondering what to publish, I come across a folder from 2014.

And so the destination is Lar, Germany and in particular the city park. Of course, I was on a business trip again. I traveled an awfully long time (about 680 km, which seemed awful to me – then) after the end of the working day, it was my favorite part – I open the good uncle Google maps and check what to see around me.

Luckily for me, the park turned out to be about 800 meters from me, and on Sunday, the weather was sunny. I took the camera and the tripod, and here is the result:

virtual tour:

Briefly about the park – its history begins as a linden garden, which in 1859 was bought by businessman Wilhelm Jamm, whose roots are from Lahr (Lahr). Thus began, under the leadership of Jam built a villa (by French architects) and around it formed the park in English style – a pond, conservatory, cave, pavilion and more. Some of the built facilities have been preserved to this day, and others have been erased by time.

Interestingly, after he died in 1875, he bequeathed everything to Lar’s city, as the condition was to preserve the park and not to build in it. Subsequent expansion of the park, thanks to which you can enjoy the animal inhabitants.

In summary, I can say two things – the park is worth seeing, maybe it will be much better – if it is not late September (as it was in my case). Still, to say spring or early summer, the second is that I will try to update the virtual walk with photos of the animal inhabitants.

More details can be found on the website of the city of Lahr:

or on the site of the park itself:

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