The Castle of Ravadinovo

The Castle In love with the wind, Ravadinovo – Bulgaria, part II

The Castle of Ravadinovo

The summer of 2019 brought me back to this fabulous place, it was not planned, but I could not be at the sea and not visit it again.

The surprises started from the parking lot – now it was much larger. Even the road to the castle is more pleasant to drive than in 2015. Standing on the gate itself… well, there were immediately visible innovations here also – now it was not just a stone structure but was upgraded to a majestic structure with towers towering in the sky. Immediately after that, the things seemed a little more familiar – I was greeted by the statue of the knight in love with the wind, and a little further on were the two “guards” of the entrance arch to the garden and the lake.

virtual tour:

After passing through the arch, it is clear again how much has been done in the direction of gardening and landscaping, as well as structures – for example, to my right there was a pavilion (or at least for me it was a pavilion) with beautiful reliefs and exquisite columns. Turning to the castle itself, I noticed how many things have changed since four years ago – there were no more gaping openings in the windows, the windows themselves had beautiful decorative elements, full of details and in my opinion they were made of brass or at least certainly made of some kind of metal. A visor or awning in the shape of a beak had also appeared as a new addition at the top (at least that’s how I liken it), and when you look at the ivy-covered walls, it looks like the beaks of huge birds which are perched and waiting to catch the headwind. I can say for sure that this is the first time I have seen such a performance and it is one of the things that give this story its own character.


There was no time left to walk around the castle and the winery to my great regret, but what I definitely wanted to visit was the chapel in the courtyard. And here, too, wasn’t missed an update, and now the things looked much better. There were already icons or reliefs of brass or copper everywhere on the walls (again in my opinion); the ceiling impressed me with its beautiful layout and stunning colors. You look up, and it’s as if there is no ceiling, but you see universes, not just the sky but the infinite universe; I’m impressed.

I really hope my next visit is planned, with at least one day for a walk. In fact, I am inquisitive about what the castle looks like in the evening and when it gets dark. Is there special lighting that gives even more mystery and continues the fairy tale of the day?

the castle of ravadinovo chapel 09 copy2 the castle of ravadinovo chapel 09 copy

Soon I hope to find out, and now I leave again a link and additional information for visitors:

The site itself also has many changes, updated with all the information you may want to enjoy this place.

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