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The Castle In love with the wind Ravadinovo – Bulgaria, part I

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Look back at the summer of 2015 and, of course, with a breath of the sea. I had a week to enjoy my vacation in Sozopol. After a two-day walk around my favorite old town, it was time to expand the perimeter. For some time now, I have been coming across information about Zack in Bulgaria, which is enjoying increasing popularity. Luckily for me, it was not far from Sozopol (5-7 km), in my case it was 12 km because I was staying in a hotel outside the city. So in the afternoon, full of good mood and full of anticipation for this first meeting, I got in the car and drove off.

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15 minutes later I was already in Ravadinovo, the village where the castle In Love with the Wind is located. In fact, it is well ahead of the village itself, which allows it to provide a huge parking lot right in front of the castle entrance.

A tripod, a camera, and me — everything needed were in line, and I was already standing in front of the entrance. In Bulgaria, we really do not have preserved castles (as is normal in Western Europe); now I wondered if we had because I have mainly encountered fortresses or at least what is left of them – ruins (without the fortress Baba Vida). And here in front of me rose an impressive gate. I tried to compare the style in architecture – I failed. I have observations from castles in Europe, and I did not find any similarities – this was my first impression.

After buying a ticket – price BGN 20, which is 10 euros and is equal to the entrance fee to some of the famous castles in Europe, something that raised the bar of my expectations.

Unfortunately, half an hour later, a phone call completely ruined my plans for photos, and I will show you a small part of the terribly fast walk in the castle.

I can summarize that it is worth seeing. It is worth it because there is no analogue in Bulgaria; if you disregard expectations and prejudices in terms of architecture and style, you will enjoy every detail. And believe me, every detail of the castle, the garden, the winery, and in general every corner is paid attention.


And when I dug for more information about the castle and its construction, it became clear that this is a dream come true for a boy, grown up and now a man, Mr. Tumpalov is starting to make his dream come true. Stone by stone, day after restless and following your heart. I can have great respect for people like him because first, his dream comes true; secondly, it makes it one of Bulgaria’s best attractions.

In conclusion, I will say if you are nearby going and visit it, but take the time, not like me for 1 hour as a Chinese tourist – I saw everything through the lens, and a constant click click click…


Here is a link where you can get more information or make a reservation:

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