Burgas, Bulgaria – sand sculptures 2019

Sand sculptures Burgas - The Castle

Hello, today I will introduce you to the art of sand, or more precisely to what extent we can develop our childhood talent in making sandcastles, which inevitably (almost) each have made as children. 

The photos and the virtual walk are from the summer of 2019, and the place that has already become emblematic for this kind of art is the Sea Garden in the city of Burgas. The event “Festival of Sand Sculptures” is held annually and started in 2008 on the initiative and the Municipality of Burgas’ assistance.

virtual tour:

Every year the festival has a different theme, and in 2019 it was entitled “Favorite children’s characters.” In this edition, all participants are from Bulgaria. In recent years, foreign artists have also taken part. (from Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA, Russia, etc.)

More information about the event itself, as well as about its participants, can be found at www.sandfestburgas.com; on the site you can also find up-to-date information about current or upcoming events.


I don’t know what the theme will be next year, but I highly recommend visiting the festival. After I took the picture, I took another 1 hour to go around and look at the figures, but not through the camera lens. This is an art, and it requires a great deal of talent and imagination. I can only admire these people. I am glad that the festival is becoming a tradition and an attraction for Burgas; I am even more pleased with the presence of Bulgarian talents on this stage.

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