How did the idea come about?

Elders at heart. The second – because we believe that there are no chance encounters in life.
The people behind the project got together just like that. At first glance, accidentally, but in fact united by one basic thing – our love of travel. The idea for the implementation of 360viewworld begThey says there are no random things. Well, to “things,” we classify places and people. The first – because we are travan to spin in the head of one of us many years ago. In addition to many business trips, Emil has the opportunity to visit interesting places. And 360 panoramic photography is his hobby, and … one day, he becomes the catalyst for the project. Over time, Emil quietly realized the site. Frame by frame, frame by frame, until you start sharing with others.
This led to the creation of a virtual place for travelers. After the start, we slowly formed a team of enthusiasts and here we are.


What is the purpose of the project?

We are sure that the desire to see new places and learn new things is not only ours. That’s why we created a portal for virtual walks, uniting local guides, guides and photographers. We are also aware that online travel could not completely replace traditional ways of traveling. But, always and at any time, they can be the “food” that everyone who loves travel needs. Also, they have their unique advantages.
Virtual walks are also indispensable:
• You can visit several places during the day, which is physically impossible to achieve.
• You can be sure that you will find good weather for your visit.
• Your trip will be absolutely nature-friendly.
• You will not have to queue or follow a schedule.
• You can take an individual walk to the site of your choice and find out interesting things about the place.
•You travel when you want and where you want. For example, at lunchtime – while drinking coffee, you jump to Dresden … or Gmunden … or somewhere else.
And if there is a place you want to visit, but you do not see it in our interactive virtual tours, you can use our contact form to make your request. Or vote if you see it among our suggestions in the “Choose the next destination” poll.
Greetings from us and have a nice trip!

Who are we?

Виктория Младенова

Viktoria Mladenova

copywriter, editor

Creator and traveler to the bottom of the soul. A man who will find and take something for yourself if you visit a village with 10 inhabitants, forest paths, or some metropolis. By education journalist. But, coincidentally or not, for many years now a copywriter. Although I am in the world of haste, creativity, sales, algorithms and audio audience. My love of words remained childishly special. I appreciate the stories and the the books. On travel and footage too. I love collecting places through photography. In fact, I make the most of the opportunity that I can today capture places, faces and emotions even. Because tomorrow will be photo stories, which again I will travel.

Диана Пиперова

Diana Piperova

profesional guide


My name is Diana and I have spent more than half of my conscious life in Vienna. At first, I was impressed by its luxury and purity, but still everything was foreign to me. Gradually, a year later, I began to discover and get to know her until I finally realized that she had entered my heart. And now I pass on to the guests the magic of Vienna and Austria, which has long fascinated me. Here’s what I want to do again and again!

Desi Nackova

Desi Nackova

professional guide

As an experienced Travel Advisor and Tour Guide, I’ve visited many European countries, but something always pulled me back to my home land - Bulgaria. I am passionate about sharing my beautiful country with others, but from my own experience.

Michael Curtne

Michael Cürten


Austria, Germany

Емил Михов

Emil Mihov


Traveler, photographer, dreamer. And here I follow my dream.

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